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33 Tips for Songwriting + Action Steps to Take Straight Away

Level-up your songsmith superpowers with these 33 tips for songwriting.

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How to Write Music Like You Mean It

This post looks at how to write music. Includes songwriting process, tools, habits, resources and techniques.

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RenegadeProducer.com on Facebook!

Hi Renegades!

This is just a quick note to let you know that the RenegadeProducer.com Facebook page is live right now.

Please head on over straight away to like the page and get involved.

Thank you!


PS I have some surprises in store soon so watch this space and stay tuned.

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TrainYourEars Review

Read my review of ear training software called TrainYourEars for producers, artists and audio engineers.

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Music Production Equipment Reality Check

Overcome the temptation to buy new or expensive music production equipment unless it is absolutely needed.

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Audio Ear Training and Music Producers

Discover why regular audio ear training is essential for sound engineers and music producers.

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Interval Ear Training Introduction

Boost your composing and production skills with basic interval ear training

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10 Music Production Techniques and Strategies

Discover 10 music production techniques and strategies you can apply to improve your sound...

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Music production resources for electronic music producers.

Selected music production resources for electronic music producers...

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Help me out today?

Can I ask a small favor from you today?

I've created a survey to help me learn more about where you are at so I can better serve you with relevant music production articles and resources.

Hop on over to the survey page and let me know.

Thank you!

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Pro Computer Sound Cards Clarified...

A basic introduction to the world of pro-audio computer sound cards for your DIY home studio...

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Free VST plugins and plugin directories...

Discover free VST plugins that you can start using today to improve your productions...

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Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio

Review and overview of "Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio" by Mike Senior

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Drum samples and the electronic music producer - 2 tips...

We want to find the best drum samples for the track, as soon as possible. Here's why...

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Digital Audio Workstation - For Beginners

Know your Digital Audio Workstation better than the back of your hand if you're serious about music production.

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The War of Art: Resistance and the music producer...

Discover your greatest enemy as a music producer and human in Steven Pressfield's book: The War of Art...

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The State of Flow and the Music Producer...

Discover why the state of Flow is important for music producers and how to access it...

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The State of the Music Industry...

This highly accurate comic which I found via @Innerviews on Twitter pretty much sums up the State of the "Music Industry".

Great for a chuckle.

Check it out now via the link below...

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Musicians need a website

Thanks for mentioning HostBaby in your article, Marius. We talk to artists all the time about the differences between a self-hosted site vs. a social

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Download: 10 Truths about making it in music...

Just a quick post to let you know about a free downloadable book for music creators.

This great little report from dottedmusic.com is a quick read and has the ideas you need to get in the right state of mind as an artist in the new music business.

Here's the link to the PDF file for you...

"10 Truths About Making It In Music" PDF

(Right-click on the link and select Save Link As.)

I found it a quick read with solid points about the new opportunities now available to musicians and music producers.

I hope you enjoy it!

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David Byrne - Interesting TED Talk

You may enjoy this great talk in which David Byrne looks at the way we make music to suit the environments in which the music will be played.

The idea, while common sense when you think about it, has some interesting implications for how we make music.

Check it out...

Lefsetz on The Long Haul...

I was checking out some tweets while bouncing down a synth track when I came across this great post by Bob Lefsetz.

The post contains some excellent suggestions for musicians in the new music business. The two closing paragraphs sum it up nicely methinks...

"We're never going back to the sales figures of yore. Not because of theft' but because no one can get that kind of mindshare.

But you can get some traction. If you're willing to work really hard, continuously, always leading with your music." Bob Lefsetz

Click the link below now to read the full post. It's packed full of nutritious music business advice! ;-)

All the best,

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Eno on Selling Records

Music-business thoughts: Brian Eno on records and blubber.

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