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"Studio Flow" Students Now Have Access to "The Organized Producer" Course for Free

Yes, that's right...

A Studio Flow bonus has been added. Here's how to grab it.

You get free access to "The Organized Producer" online video course once you complete "Studio Flow".

I've added the course, with a value of $26, as a bonus for Studio Flow students.

Check the video further below on this page for the steps you must take to activate your access to the bonus course.

Image of The Organized Producer course cover. Text: $26 value

If you don't know yet...

ProducerCode: Studio Flow

"Studio Flow is an easy-to-follow online video course that gives you a 5-step process to help you to make an easy shift to the pro mindset, cultivate the habits you need to thrive as a producer, improve your creativity and productivity and, most importantly, get more tracks done on a consistent basis.

Once you’ve worked through the easy-to-follow course videos and completed the exercises you’ll have shifted your mindset and know exactly which habits to cultivate to work like a pro producer.  You’ll start to work faster, more effectively and more efficiently in the studio.  Your creative output will have started to skyrocket."

What is "The Organized Producer"?

It's not unusual for newer, heck even some veteran producers, to be quite chaotic. Creative people like me and you often tend towards disorganized rather than highly organized.

This quick video course aims to resolve the issue by giving you 15 ways to get organized in the studio.

Overwhelmed and disorganized producers aren't just slow, they're likely to be less creative, less productive and unreliable. Don't let that be you! Yes, some of the techniques you'll learn in this course are obvious to organized professionals. If you're a bit more of a chaotic like me, then this short and easy video course will however sort you out for good.

Sure, I know and you know, the most fun and exciting part of music production is when you're in a state of flow and actually making music. But, what if I told you that it's much easier to get into a state of highly creative and productive music production flow when your underlying system for organization is rock-solid? You probably already know that much by now! So if you suffer from Desperately Unorganized Music Producer Syndrome (D.U.M.P.S) then this course is a no-brainer.

"The Organized Producer" is not open for enrolment by the general public right now, but Studio Flow students who have completed the course can access it for free, straight away.

This quick video explains how to activate it:

Don't have Studio Flow yet?

I'm currently working on a series of upgrades that's going to make this course even better.  That means that at some point soon the price will be going up.  Students who enrol before that time will get all the upgrades but at the current price.

So, if there ever has been a good time to get your workflow and process on point then right now is it!

Don't miss out. Check out Studio Flow here.

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