A Step-by-Step Music Production Process Checklist That Gives Beginner Electronic Music Producers and Beatmakers The Big Picture Overview in 25 Steps!


OK. So,  on this page you get a step-by-step music production process checklist and video workshop.

Good electronic music production, as you can imagine however, isn't a recipe you can follow.  Almost every producer has their own way of getting to a finished track.  The same producer will probably have a different workflow on each of the various tracks they produce.

That said, newer producers often struggle to get their head around the entire process for the exact same reason.

Sure, you'll develop your own process and workflow in time, but it's not uncommon to need a more step-by-step approach when you first start out.

So, on this page you can access a music production checklist and a workflow workshop video where I go through the entire step-by-step music production process with you, from where you start a track, through to how you develop it up until where it's mastered and ready to ship.

It's Not a One Process to Rule Them All Kind of Thing

You know, and I know, music production isn't a linear process. When you're head down in a 148-track DAW project with 10 sub-groups running into 3 pre-master groups and so many plugins and sends active your CPU has started to beg for mercy, there's no cookie-cutter recipe you can follow to get out of the mess you've gotten yourself into.

So, if you've produced 20+ tracks already, you've been through the process. A step-by-step music production process checklist won't prove too helpful.  Sure, you might be able to compare it to your own production workflow and maybe get some ideas about how you can switch things up a bit in the studio.  That's pretty much it.  So, you can skip this one and you'll be fine. ;-)

It can however be very helpful for beginner producers to have a list handy of all the basic milestones and checkpoints most tracks pass through during the production process.  Take it with a grain of salt if you will and tweak and mangle it up to your heart's content.

The Start-Develop-Finish music production workflow checklist and accompanying video workshop walk-through lists 25 important steps in the process.  I wish someone would track the amount of moves made during the production of a track but alas, we'll have to estimate it's in the tens of thousands if not more.

So, yes, the 25 steps are a summary and a low-resolution one at that. Every step has sub-steps that can be done in a myriad of different ways.

The purpose of this checklist isn't to explain the entire music production process in detail. Nor is it to list every last variable possible. It's just a tiny crack that allows newer producers a way to get a snapshot overview peek into the whole process.  It's not "The 5 Steps of Producing a Track!" and neither is it "The Ultimate Guide to Music Production".  It's in between somewhere.

Make sure to grab it straight away while it's available!

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