Wondering How to Learn Sound Design?

Here's a Simple, Powerful 5-Week Step-By-Step Synth Course That Shows You Exactly How to Design Any Sound You Can Imagine

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Lessen your reliance on synth presets, develop the ability to program any sound you hear or imagine and start to cultivate your sound as a producer or beatmaker right this moment...

If you want to know how to learn sound design or synth programming then you've come to the right place, but first let's start with a fact...

Fact: It's OK to use synth presets.  In fact there are so many quality presets available today that it makes sense to save some time when you're working on your music.

That said, you know like I know...

... there are limitations to only using synth presets:

  1. Some other producer may use the same synth preset in a track.  Cringe! ;-)
  2. You never learn how to use your synth or synths well.
  3. It's hard to develop a signature sound when you don't know how to program synths from scratch.

There's no 2 ways about it;  the ability to program any sound you hear or can imagine is a core skill to develop if you're serious about your craft as a music producer or beatmaker.

The next thing to do, once you realize this,  is to figure out how to learn sound or synth programming...

How to Learn Synths Mini Course Cover

A Simple 5-Week Process That Shows You How to Learn Sound Design or Synth Programming:

Note: The course doesn't show you how to program your own synth sounds.

There are many courses available that shows you how to do sound design.  That's why I didn't decide to create another one yet.  No point in reinventing the wheel. ;-)

Instead, I decided to create a short, no-bs, fluff-less 5 week course that shows how to learn sound design and subtractive synthesis at your own pace.

Once you activate the course below, you'll receive the introduction and Week 1.  Then, a week later you'll receive the second installment and so on for 5 weeks at which point you'll have completed the course.

Again, the course doesn't train you to program synth sounds. Instead you'll find curated resources and a simple process you can use to develop the synth programming skills you need for yourself.

The course is aimed at complete beginners so it starts with the fundamentals.  It can still be useful to learn the process if you're slightly more advanced too as it's a methodical way to learn and practice synth programming.

The process involves mainly subtractive synthesis and uses Xfer Serum for demonstrations.  A list of soft synths is recommended in the course, some free and some paid.  You can however follow along with pretty much any good soft synth that does subtractive synthesis.

So, if you want to lessen your reliance on presets, learn how to program unique synth sounds from scratch and start to develop your signature sound, then the How to Learn Synths Mini Course is the way to do it!

How to get started...

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