"Becoming a Music Producer, Huh?"
Discover the Way of the Renegade...

Becoming a music producer is not easy,  though with modern technology and the Internet you have a
world of possibilities available to make your music business career a good one.

Adjust your mindset to achieve a realistic success with your music business activities. Adopt the Renegade Mindset...

1 As a Renegade you want to make your own music, most of the time!

Key - You need time, energy and money to create your own music and do it well.  Becoming a music producer involves many different aspects which require your time and energy to learn and master.

You may have a full time job which gives you money for your music passion,  though it leaves you with little time and energy.

Once you have your studio set up and you start to make music the money becomes less of a need, although home studios can be money-sucking black-holes, as you probably know by now.

You obviously need time and energy to make your music,  which a full-time job leaves you with very little of at the end of the day.

So, many new producers and musicians tend to avoid the 9-5 and seek out temporary, part-time and freelance work.  This type of work offers more flexibility than most full-time jobs but,  as you can imagine, it's also less stable than permanent positions.

Your goal as a dedicated music producer is to spend as much time as you can on your craft.  This will be a balancing act combined with spinning plates unless you have a rich spouse or trust fund.

You'll have to get smart about where you invest your time and energy to be able to create the music, business and life you want.

I suggest music producers consider a web business because it requires very low start-up costs and has the greatest potential for income and equity.  A business may seem a greater risk at first but all things considered it's much safer than a job and could leave you with more free time for your music.

2 As a Renegade Producer you create a network and community around you and your music.

Key - Your network consists of individuals who support your music career in various ways which can include...

... other artists, producers, engineers, promoters, venue owners, dj's, webmasters and graphic designers. You want all the help you can get to make good music and get it heard and appreciated,  and you'd be surprised how much the people around you in your network can and want to help you out when you're becoming a music producer.

You may want talented artists to contribute to your music,  producers to lend an ear for critique, engineers to talk "tools" with or handle sound at shows etc. Get them involved!

Your community (or tribe if you like) are the people who appreciate and get into your music,  and come to your shows.

You have to be available in various ways and build a relationship with those people who most appreciate your music.

So, do whatever you can to maximize the support you receive from both your network and your community while you are busy becoming a music producer. You cannot do it all alone.

3 As a Renegade you create additional income streams with your musical activities.

Key - You know the state of the music industry is in massive flux with the rise of Internet file-sharing and streaming.

Music is now available pretty-much for free to anyone with an Internet connection and some basic online search skills.

As a Renegade you understand this new reality and you adapt fast.  How?

You get creative and realize that online music spreads not only because of heavy radio play and marketing.  Music spreads when it's shared and people share music when it's great. They want to look good for sharing cool stuff.

So, great music is of course the core of what you'll need to have any success in the new music business.

You may begin to see how live shows, merchandise and music education could just become greater sources of income for you than music sales and streams.  For most artists this is already the case.

Yes, becoming a music producer is now easier than ever but you have to stay focused on your goal of becoming a music producer and use as much leverage as you can manage to get in all areas of your music career.

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