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Selected Music Production Resources to Help You Improve Your Craft as a Producer

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The music production resources you'll find listed on the page below has been selected for electronic music producers who are serious about the craft.

It includes a mix of learning, training and other resources which will help make you a better electronic music producer.  There's no reason to list a ton of resources because there aren't that many great resources out there. Simple!

So, I cut out the crud and only include the resources that can really make a difference to your music production understanding and skills.  More signal - less noise!

1. Music Production Videos

Pensado's Place

Peek into the minds of the top music professionals on the planet with grammy-award winning mix engineer Dave Pensado's weekly show.  You'll find interviews with hot producers, engineers and other creative pros who work behind the scenes in the business.

The show also has an into the Liar section where Dave reveals tips and tricks to improve your mixes. 

This is definitely one of the best shows available for music producers and audio engineers who are serious about the craft of music production. The show isn't focused on electronic music production in specific but the techniques discussed and the level of the professionals interviewed makes it one of my favorite music production resources to recommend... Producer Interviews

You'll find interview upon interview with some of the top producers in the game here.  Again, just like Pensado's Place it's not restricted to electronic music production. This doesn't matter due to the quality of the knowledge you'll find when you watch the interviews.

2. Music Production Web Articles

Sound on Sound Technique Tutorials

It may take you a while to go through the tutorials available on Sound on Sound's site but it will be worth your while! Most aspects of digital music production are covered and it also includes DAW-specific tutorials.  These articles definitely deserve a place in this list of recommended music production resources because of the scope and quality of the writing from expert authors.

3. Music Production Books

"Mixing with your mind" by Michael Paul Stavrou

McCartney, Bowie, Queen, Crowded House, Jeff Beck. The impressive list of artists that Paul Stavrou has mixed for goes on.

You won't find the usual stereotypical mixing advice in this book.  What you'll find however is how to use the force to pull off true Jedi mixing feats.  The Art of Mixing section (Chapter 11) alone is worth the price of the book but I found the chapters on mid-tuning your monitors and compression illuminating.

Unconventional, maybe, but it will get you thinking and improve your mixes if you apply the techniques.

"Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio" by Mike Senior

This book is aimed at mixing engineers and music producers who work in small studios and want to achieve commercial-standard mixes.  It shows you how to compensate for a studio with less-than-desirable acoustics so that your mixes can stand up against the competition.

You'll find my review of the book via the link above should you want to know more.

"Dance Music Manual" by Rick Snoman

This book is great for new and intermediate electronic music producers because it gives you a broad overview of the whole electronic music production shebang. You'll find sound design, mixing, effects, music theory, arrangement, rhythm, gain structure and more covered inside.

If you're completely new to electronic music production and don't know where to start then I recommend you grab a copy of this book right now and work through it.  You'll be able to talk shop when you're done!

"Big Studio Secrets for Home Recording and Production" by Joe Dochtermann

Discover the recording secrets of the big studios with "Big Studio Secrets for Home Recording and Production" by Joe Dochtermann, and apply it to your own home studio productions to achieve better results.

This is a comprehensive book in practical language perfect for beginners who want an overview and intermediate producers or home studio owners who want a refresher course.

"Righting Wrongs in Writing Songs" by Danny Cope

Uncover the most common songwriting issues and mistakes with "Righting Wrongs in Writing Songs" by Danny Cope, and make your songwriting more informed and productive.

You'll find the fundamentals of good songwriting covered and learn where you can make your songwriting more effective.  Save yourself a lot of time by eliminating bad habits and getting the basics of songwriting right.

"The Recording Engineer's Handbook" by Bobby Owsinski

Get the great reference of multiple microphone techniques for a large range of instruments and more in "The Recording Engineer's Handbook" by Bobby Owsinski.

This book has been around for a while.  I think it should have a place on the bookshelf of every recording engineer, producer and musician.

"Mixing, recording and producing techniques of the pros" by Rick Clark

"Mixing, recording and producing techniques of the pros" by Rick Clark reveals exactly what the title says it does. Enough said!

Get into the mind of a range of music professionals and take notes so you can use it to hone your own craft.  Standing on the shoulders of giants!

4. Music Production Online Courses/Tutorials

One-on-one tutoring is likely the most effective way to learn music production but can be expensive and not always convenient.  This is where high-quality video tutorials and courses can provide an alternative way to learn.  These are two sources I recommend...

MacPro Video Music Production Tutorials

These video courses have a good production quality and the information they give is solid. They focus on Mac users.  The introduction videos to various DAWs are great for beginners who've read the f@&$in manual but still want to learn more.

Groove3 Music Production Tutorials

This site offers courses for both Mac and PC users with most popular DAW and plug-ins covered and, with over 10 years experience in the game, they do it in great style. The customer support they offer is really good too.  You even have a toll-free number to phone when you need help.

ProducerCode: Studio Flow

Do you only release new tracks every now and then, once in a while, every blue moon?  This course by's own Marius van Dyk shows you how to make more music, faster and on a consistent basis.

The entire 1st module is currently part of the free trial so make sure you don't miss out and get it right now.

5. Music Production Training


This is ear training turned into a game and it's quite addictive! You learn to recognize different frequencies so you can hone in on and fix issues in your mix in less time.  You can train yourself with some noise and a filter of course but without the game element it's less fun and slower.

6. Songwriting/Arrangement

The most effective way to learn music arrangement is to study what has worked in the past and what works at the moment.  You take a song, count out the bars and beats and map out the sections and then analyze the various parts to see how the emotional effect is created.

This site breaks down and analyzes hit songs so you don't have to. Subscribe for some great arrangement and composition insights and also stay updated on the latest industry trends when it comes to what's popular in music production.

The free subscription offers you some great reports about the latest pop tracks which you can use to learn about what works and what doesn't.  There is a paid option which I've not signed up for yet, so I cannot really comment on this.  I'll update this section once I've signed up.

7. Music Equipment and Studio Gear

Big, boring but dependable.  You cannot really beat the beast that is when it comes to range, delivery and returns for equipment. They have it sussed and sorted compared to many other retailers.  There are specialist music retailers which may have products you cannot find on Amazon but this is the exception to the rule.

You also have the review system at Amazon which means you can spot items of gear with obvious flaws or defects and narrow down your search to look only at the best rated equipment if you want.

Keep an eye on the Musical Equipment Deals page as this is where discounts on studio gear are listed on the Amazon site.

8. Music Production Forums

Production forums can be great because you may have a question you cannot find an answer to.  Even just scrolling through the production related stickies can yield a ton of good music production resources, tips, lists, strategies and techniques. You'll find a post with 4 good music production forums listed here.

Other music production resources?

I add new music production resources at my discretion so this doesn't become yet another "59 resources you absolutely must have..." page (rolls eyes).  If you know of a resource that makes or has made a real difference to your production skills then please share it so others can benefit.

Do you feel there is a resource which should be included here?  Let me know right now!

I will review your suggestions music production resources and if it fits then I'll add it here. Again, I try to be strict with what passes so please note that only a few music production resources will make it onto the list.

I hope you find the music production resources in this post helpful!  You can check out some great services for the admin/music distribution side of things here too.

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