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10 of the Best Websites for Music Producers

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Whether You're a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Music Producer,  We All Need to Keep Learning...

Below you'll discover some of the best websites for music producers and beat-makers in no particular order.

So, no matter where you are in your own music production journey, with the high-quality content you'll discover from these great resources you can always keep stepping up your game and expanding your producer skill-stack.

Let's get started, shall we?

10 of the Best Websites for Music Producers - The List:

1. Sound on Sound (S.O.S.)

Our list off best websites for music producers starts off with Sound on Sound, a true O.G. of music production information and education.

S.O.S. originally started way back in 1985 as a monthly print magazine. Since that time they have added a great website into the mix with thousands upon thousands of top-tier music production articles, tutorials, reviews and pro interviews.

So, if you're looking for professional music production content you can trust, then look no further than Sound on Sound.

2. Produce Like a Pro

Speaking of true O.G.s, next on our list of best websites for music producers we have Produce Like a Pro, brought to you by the marvelous Warren Huart.

Warren is a producer, engineer, composer and musician with a long list of impressive credits behind his name. I won't list them all here, for the sake of brevity.  We're talking names like Aerosmith, Ramones, Korn, The Fray and James Blunt, just to mention a few of the many artists he's worked with over the years.

Warren started the Produce Like a Pro youtube channel where you'll find excellent, insightful and instructive music production tutorials, gear reviews and interviews with some of the top professionals in the business.

So, if you want to learn from one of the best then you'll love Produce Like a Pro. The best place to get started with his latest content is over on the Produce Like a Pro Blog...

3. The Pro Audio Files

Third on our list of the best websites for producers we have The Pro Audio Files.

The Pro Audio Files website is a treasure-trove of top-notch recording, mixing, mastering and production content by a community of audio professionals from across the planet.

Definitely one to bookmark!

4. The LANDR Blog

Landr, as you probably know by now, started out as an automated online mastering service which has since evolved into a digital music distributor, sample and plugin retailer and more.

The reason they are however included in this list of the best websites for music producers is however because of the great articles they post on the Landr blog.

Whether it's musical inspiration you want, gear and software reviews or production tutorials, you'll always find something to tickle your fancy over at the Landr blog!

5. The Splice Blog

Splice is well-known among producers as a provider of high-quality royalty-free samples and rent-to-own plugins.

Turns out they also have a high-calibre blog with tutorials, reviews, features, news and interviews that helps you stay on top of everything music production related.

Our list of the best websites for music producers wouldn't be complete without a mention! Check it out right now...

6. iZotope

iZotope has of course carved out a name for themselves as a developer of some of the best audio plugins available for producers and engineers.

Apart from their plugins they also have a Learn section on their site which offers a ton of pro content which covers recording, mixing, mastering, sound design, songwriting and much more.

Definitely worth a regular visit & browse!

7. Record Production

If you're looking for interviews with the biggest names in the music production game then look no further than Record Production.  With over 500+ professional engineer and producer interviews you can learn and gain insights from the best of the best whenever you want.

Definitely one of the best websites for music producers out there! Head on over right now and you'll immediately see why...

8. Pensado's Place

On the topic of world-class production interviews, we must of course mention Pensado's Place, brought to you by  mixing extraordinaire and all-round gentleman,  the wonderful Dave Pensado.

In addition what you can learn by osmosis from the pro audio and music professionals he interviews, all top-of-their-game by the way, you'll also find the Into the Lair tutorials they produce very helpful and insightful.

9. Bobby Owsinski's Music Production Blog

The next site on our list of best websites for music producer is the blog of engineer and music production education powerhouse, Bobby Owsinski.

If you've been in music production for any amount of time then you've probably come across one of his over 24 books. Titles include "The Mixing Engineer's Handbook", "The Recording Engineer's Handbook" and of course "The Mastering Engineer's Handbook", to mention but a few.

Bobby also has a blog which has a wide variety of excellent posts covering almost everything music production related.  Check it out straight away...

10. The Pyramind Blog

Pyramind started life as a studio back in the early 90s and has since gone on to become one of the top music production schools in the business. They also offer studio services and have a label called Pyramind Sounds.

You'll also however find excellent free music production and music business content posted on a regular basis on their blog.

Head on over to the blog right now to get a taste of what to expect from them...

Best Websites for Music Producers - Conclusion:

I trust you'll find the websites you've discovered above helpful to your music production progress.

Remember to also check out the top music production resources listed here if you're looking for more resources and tools to help you in your own journey.

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