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"ProducerCode: Studio Flow" - New Online Course Gives You Strategies, Tips, Insights and Exercises to   Help You Break Through Creative Blocks and Make More Music, Consistent and Fast.

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Music production workflow may not be the first priority for beginner music producers and beatmakers.  They have so many crucial fundamentals to absorb first.  Once you're however competent as a producer you start to pay more attention to workflow because you want to optimize your process to make more music.  You want your creative output to be consistent and reliable.

So, an advanced beginner producer who wants to go from competent to proficient will benefit from a closer look at the way they work.  Tiny tweaks to your studio workflow can lead to huge gains over time.  The sooner one implements good workflow practices the better,  as you can imagine.

Meet, Resistance, The Mother of All Music Production Workflow Arch-Enemies...

Your main enemy as a music producer is always Resistance. Resistance is an ever-present force that wants nothing more than for things to remain the way they are.  It resists change wherever change wants to happen.  This means we face Resistance whenever we want to learn or produce something new.

Resistance is f@£!& insidious.  It will use whatever technique it has available, and it has many available, to stop change dead in it's tracks.  It will use your own thoughts and doubts.  It will take advantage of your tiredness.  It will use all types of distractions, including even your own friends and family.

It's not personal.  That's just what Resistance does. It does anything it can to stop your productions.

You have to overcome it by any means necessary if you plan to produce like a pro.

"What Happens If I Don't Beat Resistance?"

Nothing happens.

You may however start to get frustrated.  You may become unhappy and bummed out.

You may see your peers produce album upon album while you struggle to finish your first EP.

You'll make music only when you're inspired and rarely feel inspired. So, you'll make less and less music.

Resistance, will have you by the short and curlies.

Does it sound like I speak from experience?  Damn right I do!

Resistance has kicked my ass for months on end at times. Netflix, Youtube and Social Media takes over. Works for while.

Then, bleakness sets in and you realize that constant consumption doesn't satisfy.

You discover that if you don't produce you resign yourself to a life void of fulfillment, excitement and achievement.

So, you wake up and decide to do something about it.

"How Do I Beat Resistance?"

That's easy! You sit down and do the work. Every. Day.

It's also easier said than done as you probably know well by now.

To beat Resistance, that excruciating foe, you need more. You need D*A*S*H:

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  1. Determination - Decide to produce on a consistent basis. Make a formal deal with yourself. Stick to it.
  2. Action - Nothing happens unless something moves.  That something in this case is you.
  3. System - This includes everything you need to make music. Studio, gear, DAW, Folder, Libraries, Calendar, Notebook and anything else you need. All primed, tuned and and ready to go.
  4. Habits - You become what you repeatedly do. Want to be a prolific producer?  Produce often!

ProducerCode: Studio Flow is a solution to help you improve your music production workflow:

Inside, you'll:

  •     Uncover and beat your #1 enemy.

  •     Develop the right perspective, a mindset and outlook conducive to studio flow.

  •     Discover all the tips, insights, tricks and techniques that help you find your flow and increase your studio output.

  •     Make your music production workflow something you can rely on time and time again to deliver quality results.

  •     Feel fuggin' fantastic when you start to crush it in your studio on a regular basis!

What is ProducerCode: Studio Flow?

ProducerCode: Studio Flow is a course with one goal...

... to help you produce more tracks on a consistent basis. You get...

  •     27 insights and practical strategies and tips delivered in 45 mins of short rapid-fire videos all focused on helping you overcome blocks, beat Resistance and start to produce like a pro within weeks.

  •     A 5-week Action Plan with exercises designed to increase your creativity, productivity and totally destroy all self-imposed obstacles in your way.

Don't delay.  Level up your music production workflow today!

New! Discover and Cultivate The Mindset and Habits of a Professional Producer...

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ProducerCode: Studio Flow is here to help you get out of your own way to produce more tracks, more often. As you go through the videos you discover, among other things, how to:

  • Know and beat your #1 music production enemy.
  • Get the right perspective - the perspective that is conducive to productivity in the studio.
  • Find your flow and increase your output to the level where you know it could be.
  • Feel fantastic when you start to crush it in your home studio on a regular basis!

Don't miss out on your chance to level-up your studio workflow and output.  Get ProducerCode: Studio Flow, pour a glass or mug of your beverage of choice and start to upgrade your music production process straight away. See you on the other side!

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