"What's the Basic DIY Home Studio Gear I Need to Produce Music or Make Beats?"

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Do you want to set up your own DIY home studio and don't know where to even begin?

You can think of your DIY home studio as an open, ongoing project, rather than a one-time investment.

First you get all the music equipment and software you really need to make music, then improve your project studio slowly as you go along.  You want to however research and plan your studio well before you start to purchase gear because mistakes could cost you dearly down the line.

Your home studio set up can be painless,  as long as you keep these guidelines below in mind before you start.

Consider the main factors involved before you build your Lab:

1 - Your Core Music Studio Equipment...

Your Music Recording Computer
The brains of most home studio setups.  Read this post to find out more about what to look for in your music production laptop or desktop system to ensure smooth workflow in your home studio.

Your Recording Sound-card
Consumer sound-cards won't get you the the results you need to produce professional results in your home studio.  You need a bit more power under the hood.  Enter the world of pro audio sound-cards and interfaces.

Your Studio Monitors
We want a response and we want it flat!  There are so many studio monitors available that it can be hard to choose the first pair for your new home studio.  This post takes a look at what to look for in pro audio monitors and gives a few choice  recommendations for monitors for new music producers on a tight-ish budget.

Your Recording Microphones
You don't need a massive mic locker to start recording in your DIY home studio.  Learn about the different types of microphones available and the basic mics you need to get started.

2 - Your Studio Monitor Placement...

Your DIY Home Studio Monitor Set Up (Article on Sound-on-Sound web site.)
Really bro?  You got those tweeters pointing at your belly button?  Lord have mercy!  Yes, monitor placement is often overlooked in home studios.  Good monitor placement that is.  This article on SOS will ensure you make most of your expensive new studio monitors.

3 - Your Listening Environment...

Get a Grip On Room Acoustics
The best studio equipment makes absolutely no sense unless you have a good listening environment.  You may not have the budget for a custom studio build-out but a bit of room treatment can go a long way.  This post takes a look at home studio acoustical room treatment.

Quick Tip: How to buy music studio equipment for your home recording studio,  the Renegade way...

You can research recording studio equipment online with the search engines,  manufacturer's web sites and music production web sites and forums. You can then compile your list and head out to your local music instrument store to test your top choices and obtain price quotes.

You can then go online again and compare the prices your local store gave with those of online music instrument stores.

This way you can either order the gear online should the price be better,  or should the price not be much lower online,  you can purchase from your local music store to support them.

Your home music studio will always be a work in progress and will grow as your music production skills grow and you expand your music career. Try to avoid the "my music would get better when I have [enter name of new studio toy]" trap.  Remember,  your studio is your workspace and your studio equipment serve as tools.  You make the music.  So, do the Music Equipment Reality Check.

Get the minimum viable DIY home studio equipment setup you need to make your own music,  then learn to use it well before splashing out on new gear.  Of course new toys are always fun.  Knowing how to play with the ones you have can be even funner!

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