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Are You An Advanced Beginner Music Producer Who Wants To Get Proficient and Start to Crush It in the Studio?

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My name is Marius, a freelance musician, audio engineer and electronic music producer based in London, UK. is a project of passion for me.  I started this site for artists and music producers who, just like me, want to crush it in music,  business and in life. There has never been a greater time to be an artist or producer and I hope this site can in some way help you achieve what you've set out to achieve with your art and business.

Do you ever ask yourself any of these questions?...

"What's the best way to learn music production?"

"What equipment should I get to make professional sounding tracks?"

"Compression? EQ? Gain Structure? Parallel Processing? Phasing?
Sidechain? M/S? Haas? What the..? Why the...?!"

"Why don't my mixes sound as good as other commercial releases?"

"Should I pay for my mastering or just do it myself?"

"The options are a bit overwhelming! What do I need?  Where do I start?"

"How can I release, promote and market my music?"

"Do I need a website for my music?"

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Well, as you've probably guessed, you'll find answers to the above questions and more right here on!

The main focus is of course on getting better results in the studio, as it should be. This includes music production, the studio and software.

The secondary focus of the site is on other aspects of your business such as mastering, distribution and marketing.

About Marius...

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Independent music producers, beatmakers, artists and musicians can now make music, distribute it worldwide, and reap the rewards of their creations. It's awesome! That's not to say it's an easy path to follow...

Yes, the fact is,  it's never been easier to get started with music production and get your music out into the world.  A laptop, DAW and some headphones can get you started.

Digital distribution is easier than ever and streaming is starting to pick up. Social media allows you to reach your audience and connect with artists, media and industry professionals in a way that wasn't possible before.

Fast forward past the various bands, mixing jobs, electronic music productions and some live work here and there and you have me today where I work and write mostly out of my home studio in the always warm and sunny London, UK.

I hope you find this site useful in your own journey as an artist and music producer and wish you much success with all your projects! is not a corporate site and will remain so. Everything stated on the site is the personal opinion of me,  Marius van Dyk.

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