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Good music production, distribution and promotion requires a lot of knowledge and skills...

Yes, when you first start to figure how to produce music it can feel quite overwhelming.  Not to mention the fact that that's just a small part of the overall business of becoming a professional music producer.  It's for this reason that this site was created:

RenegadeProducer.com gives you strategies, techniques and resources you can use to develop your music and also your business as an independent music producer.

You'll find longer-form articles that go deeper into production-topics, like the popular Producer Skill-Stacks series,  as well as Renegade Roundups where you get a short summary of the latest and greatest music production related content, news and special offers from around the web.

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The main aim of this site is to help you produce music, publish music and promote music and get better and better at it all, faster.  If there's anything you would like to see more of then let us know.  You'll find a contact link at the bottom of most pages.

So, with that all said, there's nothing left to do but get right into it! Scroll down to start delving into the best content available right now via the menu below.

Below you'll see just some of the topics you'll find covered on this site:

  • How to set up your home studio.
  • How to produce music like a beast!
  • How to self-distribute your music.
  • How to market & promote your music.
  • + much more!
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Learn How to Produce Music and Much More Below:

Music Production Category Image

This is where you'll learn how to produce music like a professional and do it faster. Dive in!

Home Studio Category Image

A intro guide to help you set up your DIY home studio and get ready to produce your music.

Music Production Software Category Image

An overview of the different types of production software used most by producers.

Music Mastering Category Image

An intro into the Mastering aspect of the music production process.  Advice on how to make sure you get the masters you want.

Music Production Plugins Category Image

Dive deeper into the wild and wonderful world of music production software instrument and effects plugins.

Music Marketing Category Image

Learn how to get your music marketing on point with this introduction to music marketing for artists and producers.

Music Production Skills Thumbnail

Discover the core skills you need in your producer skill-stack and start stacking them high!

Music Production Workflow Thumbnail

The Studio Flow course shows you how to produce music faster and more consistent.

Music Distribution Category Image

Learn more about the options we have as independent producers when it comes to digital music distribution for our tracks.

Music Production Resources Category Image

Uncover a selection of best-of-breed resources carefully curated for smart music producers.

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