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Tips, Strategies and Resources for Advanced Beginner Music Producers...

Independent music producers and musicians can now make music, distribute music worldwide, and reap the rewards of their creations. 

That's not to say it's an easy path to follow.

When the Going Gets Weird...

In one way we've never had it better as music producers.  Digital music production has come long way since the early days when you could count the number of DAWs available on one hand.  The cost of entry has gone down while the production tools have gotten faster and better.  The possibilities for creative music production are near endless.  Web music distribution and music promotion are also so cheap that it's near free.

In another way, for pretty much the same reasons I mentioned above, it's become easy to get overwhelmed with choices while it's difficult to get your music heard due to the mind-blasting amount of music that gets released every day.  Add to that the fact that your music doesn't just compete with other music for people's attention.  It competes with everything else on the Web.  Ponder on that for a second!

Then there's the tough-tricky-touchy subject of money. The big money days of music are over,  at least for the moment. Very few people live on music income alone. Mere financial survival as a music professional requires that we get creative in terms of how we fund our music and how we produce our income.  For many producers this means the day job remains a thing.  For others it means the creation of multiple sources of revenue.

The struggle is real and will continue to get even more so.  It calls for skill, grit, flexibility and a unique, creative approach to not only your music but also your business.

... the Weird Turn Pro!

Yes.  The only sane response to this weird and wonderful reality we now face is to step up our game.

This website is my way to share ideas, strategies, techniques and resources you can use to develop your music and also your business as an independent musician and producer.

Great music producers are creative and have a professional work ethic and love for music.  This is common sense; the more you work at something the better you get. Your luck also increases the more you work and improve your craft.

In other words, when you get better at what you do,  opportunities to expand your art and business will increase.  So, focus on your music, and stay focused no matter what!

What's here for music producers?

RenegadeProducer.com, as I mentioned earlier, is one way I connect with and help other music producers who want to take action to create the music-business-life they envision for themselves.  You'll find all the information on this site tailored to the needs and wants of independent music producers who want to improve their music and businesses.

Here are just some of the topics you'll find covered on RenegadeProducer.com...
  • your home music studio
  • your music software
  • your music production
  • your music distribution
  • your music marketing
  • your music business
  • + much more!

You'll find all further articles and resources on this web site via the navigation menu at the top of this page or the menu below...

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