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You can use this Renegade Music Creation Software Guide to cut through the music making software mayhem...

Mayhem?  Yes, you have so many different types of music creation software available to you today it can make your head go dizzy!

Breathe easy ...

... you will feel better once you reach the end of this short introduction to the main 20% of music producing software you as Renegade need to start to make your own music.

You want to be clear about one thing before you start your music creation software collection...

... it's very possible to get lost due to the large amount of music production programs available.

You want to therefore start at first with a good selection of music making software to create the type and style of music you want to create,  only what you need,  then expand as you master your core software.

Now, this does not mean you have to make do with a bare minimum software set up,  it just pays to keep in mind that new software won't improve your music so you learn to use the programs you have well.

Full Music Production Suites

You have to select your studio software "toolbox" to suit your needs and music production preferences.  Your main music software purchase will be your full music production suite software which is often referred to as your host, sequencer or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

You most likely already know there exists no such thing as "the best music software".  There are a few top commercial packages and many free music creation software applications at your disposal.

Full music production suites can be seen as programs which recreate an entire studio in a virtual environment.  You'll find that most music producers start to work on one of these programs and then stick with it because they know it.

You can see these packages as virtual studios where you can record, edit and play back MIDI, and audio data and mix and manipulate your music though various music production software plug-ins and other software tools.

Steinberg Cubase, Apple Logic, Cakewalk Sonar and Digidesign Pro Tools are four of the most well-known commercial production suite packages used by professional and amateur music producers.

You'll often find the above programs referred to as hosts,  which mean they allow you to run software plug-ins inside.  This allows you to alter and process your music in many different ways.

I suggest you make life simple and select one of the three big-name full music creation software sequencer packages below...

Cubase, Logic Pro, Sonar

These three musketeers can all pretty much do the same things though they all differ slightly in how they do these things.

You want to select the right music creation package from the three above according to the style of music you want to create,  your music production computer and your budget.

You should try to use all the research tools you have available to make an informed choice. You'll find many great web sites and forums related to your preferred genre where you can learn more about which of the above three packages will be best for your style of music.

Take your time to make sure you select the right package as you will use it a lot when you start to make your own music.

Also, try to choose your music production software and then stick with it until you know it inside-out.

5 Renegade Rules For Choosing DAW Sequencer Software To Make Your Own Music With...

Rule #1 Know what you want to do before you look for the software to do it with.

Rule #2 Find out which types of drivers the software supports.

Rule #3 Find out what the computer system requirements are for the software to work well.

Rule #4 Find out which type of plug-ins the DAW  software supports.

Rule #5 Don't be cheap, because with music production software,  you most often get what you pay for.

You'll also discover other types of music creation software which you can use in combination with one of the above three programs.

These programs include...

... music notation software, standalone audio editors, loop based music programs, virtual instruments, software samplers, software synthesizers and a range of other effects and processing plug-ins.

I've written about the above programs in this Music Software 101 article.

Your best option is to get the selection of music creation software you need to make your own music the way you want to,  for which you may have to check what other producers in your genre use.

A good place to ask about music software would be on one of the four music production forums listed here.

You can also start to hunt for both paid and free music software downloads via the resource I mention here.


You probably already know the software doesn't make the music though you'll find that good music software can make a huge difference to your sound.

You want to research and plan for your software purchases and learn to use your current music creation software well before you give in to the ever-present urge to buy or download new programs.

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