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The One Free Plugin Bundle Every Producer Must Have in Their Studio Toolbox

When I say free plugin bundle...

... one may instantly think low quality, bad-sounding, outdated or buggy.

This may well be the case for many free plugins but it's definitely not true when it comes to the plugin bundle you'll discover in this post below!

So, what's this free plugin bundle I like to rave about?

OK, let's cut straight to the chase...

... I'm talking about the MFreeFXBundle by Melda Production.

Sure, there are other excellent free plugin bundles, and I'll give 2 more as honourable mentions further below.  None however compare to the MFreeFXBundle in terms of both quality and quantity.

Let's take a quick peek of what's included.

The MFreeFXBundle

MFreeFXBundle Banner With Screenshots of Melda Production Free Plugins

With this excellent free plugin bundle you get 37 top quality plugins. Here's the list:

  1. MAGC - A mixing utility that allows you to adjust your loudness to match the side-chain.
  2. MAnalyzer - A spectral analyzer and sonogram.
  3. MAutopan - An autopan plugin with adjustable shape oscillator technology.
  4. MAutoPitch - A vocal tuning plugin.
  5. MBandPass - A bandpass filter plugin.
  6. MBitFun - A bitcrush distortion plugin.
  7. MCCGenerator - A MIDI CC generator plugin.
  8. MChannelMatrix - A mix routing plugin.
  9. MCharmVerb - An algorithmic reverb plugin.
  10. MComb - A comb-filter plugin.
  11. MCompressor - A compressor plugin.
  12. MConvolutionEZ - A convolution reverb plugin.
  13. MEqualizer - An EQ plugin.
  14. MFlanger - A Flanger effect plugin.
  15. MFreeformPhase - A phase adjustment plugin.
  16. MFreqShifter - A saturation and distortion plugin.
  17. MLoudnessAnalyzer - A loudness meter plugin.
  18. MMetronome - A metronome plugin.
  19. MNoiseGenerator - A noise generator plugin.
  20. MNotepad - Note-taking plugin.
  21. MOscillator - A generator plugin.
  22. MOscilloscope - An oscilloscope plugin.
  23. MPhaser - A phaser effect plugin.
  24. MRatio - A crossfade plugin.
  25. MRatioMB - A multiband crosfade plugin.
  26. MRecorder - An audio recording plugin.
  27. MRingModulator - A ring-modulator effect plugin.
  28. MSaturator - A tube saturator plugin.
  29. MSpectralPan - A frequency-specific panning plugin.
  30. MStereoExpander - A mid-side stereo mixing adjustment plugin.
  31. MStereoScope - A stereo analyzer plugin.
  32. MTremelo - A tremelo effect plugin.
  33. MTuner - An instrument tuner plugin.
  34. MUtility - A multi-function utility plugin.
  35. MVibrato - A vibrato effect plugin.
  36. MWaveFolder - A wavefolder distortion plugin.
  37. MWaveShaper - A waveshaper distortion plugin.

Quite the list, hey?

As you can see MFreeFXBundle free plugin bundle has you covered in ways you didn't even realize you weren't.

Now, you probably won't use all the included plugins all the time, but it's good to know that they're there in case you might need them at some point.

Personally I use the distortion, compression and panning plugins in almost every project.

Other free plugin bundles worth noting:

There are 2 other free plugin bundles you may also want to grab. These are:

  1. Voxengo's Free Plugins
  2. Blue Cat Audio's Freeware

Conclusion - Free Plugin Bundle

With the three free plugin bundles mentioned on this page, pretty much every need you have is covered when it comes to mixing and production, apart from of course instrument plugins.

If you want to discover more great plugins then be sure to head on over to the plugins section here.

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