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3 Ways to Find The Best Audio Plugin Deals For Music Producers and Beatmakers

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Fact: The ability to find the best audio plugin deals will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Yes, music production, although being much cheaper and more accessible than a few decades back,  can still be a very expensive career or hobby.  So, if you can get a better price on audio plugins you should take it.

On this page you'll discover ways to monitor and find deals on audio plugins so you'll never miss out on a good offer and grow your studio toolkit with less expenditure.

Make the best audio plugin deals come to you...

Yes,  you can of course check in on the top plugin developers on a regular basis but who has the time for that?

Instead, it's better to just sign up with your favorite plugin developers and online plugin retailers.  It's free and you'll be informed of any new plugin discounts or special offers the moment they go live.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the best deals are often offered during seasonal sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday and of course Christmas, New Year and other holidays.  So, it may be worth a little wait if any of these dates are coming up soon.

 1. Sign Up to Audio Plugin Developer Newsletters 

Audio plugin companies often announce sales and special offers in their newsletters.  This is why it's a good idea to sign up to these newsletters should you want to stay informed of the best audio plugin deals as soon as they drop.

You'll find a comprehensive list of the most popular audio plugin companies on this page over at Plugin Boutique.

 2. Follow Audio Plugin Online Retailers 

Online audio plugin retailers will often host exclusive audio plugin deals and offers not available anywhere else.  So,  it's a good idea to check in on these companies on a regular basis or subscribe to their lists or follow them on social media if you prefer.

A few good online plugin retailers with the best audio plugin deals available are:

  1. Audio Plugin Deals
  2. Plugin Boutique
  3. Plugin Fox
  4. AudioDeluxe

Note: RenegadeProducer.com has joined the affiliate program for some of these retailers above, so the site earns a commission when you purchase products.  This doesn't affect the price for you and helps keep RenegadeProducer.com going. Thank you!

 3. Sign Up For The Renegade Report 

RenegadeProducer.com's Renegade Report newsletter doesn't focus just on plugin deals and offers.

Every now and then I'll however find a special deal that's too good to ignore.  This is most often when I have experience with the plugin and know for a fact that it makes a valuable addition to your studio arsenal. I don't want to just send out every single plugin deal available just because it's on offer.  I prefer to share only the plugin deals where I'm sure it's really good.

So,  if you want to be informed of a more curated, producer-focused list of the best audio plugin deals and receive exclusive subscriber-only content for producers and beatmakers then simply sign up below right now:

Get The Renegade Report


In most cases you don't have to pay full price for audio plugins.  A bit of patience could mean you get heavy discounts on your favorite plugins,  so it pays to stick it out and grow your collection faster.

By signing up with plugin developers and online retailers that offer discounts you can be sure to know about great plugin discounts and offers as soon as, or in some cases even before,  they become available.

May your plugin toolbox grow fat and healthy! ;-)

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