What is a Music Producer Anyway?

The answer to the question, "What is a music producer?", has become vague in our times.  Let's take a quick look at what it means to be a music producer...

The old definition...

The traditional music industry's definition of a music producer or record producer was of an individual hired by a record company to plan, direct and execute the production of a recorded music track or album.

The producer would handle the budget, direct or contribute the recording process and work with the artists and engineers to get the best recording possible.

The producer would usually have had a background as a musician or engineer and would know what makes a good quality recording which will sell many units for the label.

That's pretty much the basic description or definition you'll find elsewhere. I want to simplify it...

The old definition simplified...

A music producer is any individual who can create viable music.

How do you define viable music?

Simple.  Viable music is quality music people want to listen to and share,  in a format they can easily share.  Music which gets attention and spreads itself.

How you create the music doesn't matter as much as how it sounds when you're done.  You can create viable music by yourself or with other artists in your home studio,  or you can do it in a professional studio.

You need skills...

You want to learn as much as you can about music performance, music production, sound engineering,  and at the same time improve your music business related skills as you advance.

The role of a music producer varies,  and can be difficult to pin-point.  Flexibility and the ability to attract attention from the right people will serve you well in your business as a music producer.

The Renegade Producer to my mind is part musician, part songwriter, part audio engineer, part producer and part entrepreneur. 

So,  instead of asking...

"What is a music producer?"

... I suggest you ask yourself...

"What type of music producer do I want to be?"

The answer to your question may evolve over time. Do you want to focus on your own music?  Other people's music? Both?

Do you want to focus on one music genre or develop your production skills and techniques across many different genres?

Define your own personal vision as a music producer and you will,  with work and practice become exactly what you envision.

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