Smart home studio and electronic music producers
focus on the craft and make their own luck in
business and in life...

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Independent music producers and musicians can now make music, distribute music worldwide, and reap the rewards of their creations.  That's not to say it's an easy path to follow.

This website is my way to share ideas, strategies, techniques and resources you can use to develop your music and also your business as an independent musician and producer.

Now, we know the career path we choose to follow is a tough one to walk because it requires a ton of practice, patience, determination and persistence.

We also don't, at least not when we start out, have the luxury of others taking care of the business side of music while we focus only on our craft.

OK. So, it's definitely not a path for everyone! You have to take full responsibility for your own success and follow through with conscious actions to create your music and build the business and career you want.

Great music producers are creative and have a professional work ethic and love for music.  This is common sense; the more you work at something the better you get. Your luck also increases the more you work and improve your craft.

In other words, when you get better at what you do,  opportunities to expand your art and business will increase.  So, focus on your music, and stay focused no matter what!

What's here for music producers?, as I mentioned earlier, is one way I connect with and help other music producers who want to take action to create the music-business-life they envision for themselves.

You'll find all the information on this site tailored to the needs and wants of independent music producers who want to improve their music and businesses.

Here are just some of the topics you'll find covered on the many pages of
  • ... your home music studio...
  • ... your music software...
  • ... your music production...
  • ... your music distribution...
  • ... your music marketing...
  • ... your music business...
  • ... and much more!

You'll discover practical ideas, articles and recommended resources to help you create your own music and build various music-related income sources to fund the music-business-life you want to create.

We now need to move beyond old paradigms of the archaic pre-Web music business game and start to use the ability we now have to advance our music and business in any way we can.

Yes, the Web is still a baby! The nature of the music business has changed and keeps changing since the arrival of the Web.  You can't predict the future even a few years from now at this rate of change.

You can however choose to learn what you need to know about this new technology and how you can use it,  and then take definite actions to create the music-business-life you want.

I suggest you first follow the 4-Fold Way of the Renegade Producer which you'll find in the first 4 pages in the navigation menus below and to the left.

You'll find all further articles and resources on this web site via the navigation menu at the top of this page or the menu below...