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Grab Flux Mini 2 by Caelum Audio for Free

Flux Mini 2 by Caelum Audio is a fun little modulation plugin that allows you to sculpt and mangle your audio by adjusting the resonance, cutoff, amplitude and mix.

Here's how Caelum Audio describes it on their site:

"Flux Mini 2 is an audio effect that adds life, character and dynamism to your tracks. The customisable graph creates a shape which can be used to modulate filter cutoff, filter resonance, amplitude and mix.

Just create a shape on the graph and set your desired amount of modulation using the depth slider beneath each parameter to hear great rhythmic effects.

Pre-loaded with 20 presets to get you going, it won't be long before you've built a plethora of shapes to accentuate your fantastic music.

Now control multiple parameters at once, fix the graph to milliseconds as well as the host tempo, output the graph as MIDI CC messages and control the shape of curves with 2 control points!"

Watch this quick video demo below to see Flux Mini 2 in action:

You can use Flux Mini 2 on Mac and Windows systems as well as on iPadOS.

Grab Flux Mini 2 for free on the Caelum Audio site right now here.

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