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How to Write Music Online - Discover the Simple, Fast & Easy Way to Sketch Out Song Ideas Online Without The Need for Music Theory Knowledge.

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Writing Chord Progressions & Melodies That Work Has Never Been Easier...

That's right, in this post you'll uncover how to write music online in a way that's so easy and effective that'll make you wonder why you didn't get started way sooner.

This quick intro guide is meant for songwriters and producers who want a simple and powerful way to come up with and sketch out musical ideas fast. You'll find out how to write incredible chord progressions and memorable melodies and get the songwriting and production process of to a swinging start with Hookpad, the musical sketchpad.

You'll discover a simple introduction to Hookpad below and also find links to resources where you can learn more about how to use this powerful online songwriting tool.

So, if you've been wondering about how to write music online you need not wonder anymore.

Let's dive right in!

What is Hookpad?

If you've ever wanted to learn how to write music online,  how to create chord progressions that work and how to craft unforgettable melodies then look no further than Hookpad.

The greatest benefit of Hookpad is that you don't need to be able to use musical notation or have an in-depth music theory vocabulary to start using it.  In fact, I even recommend Hookpad as a fantastic way to learn basic music theory as a songwriter, producer or beatmaker. Sure, with some basic music theory knowledge it'll be easier to get going with Hookpad,  but it's definitely not a requirement.

What makes Hookpad very powerful is the ability it gives you to quickly and easily come up with song ideas, try out different variations and get the intelligent expert guidance you need whenever you get stuck in the songwriting process.

You'll find out more about the basic Hookpad features below.  The best way to however learn how to use Hookpad is just to get started and use it.

Ready dive in? Great! Let's go...

Getting Started: Sign Up for Free at Hooktheory.com

1. Head on over to the Hookpad page here.

2. Click the "Try for Free Button".

Screenshot of the Try for Free button on Hookpad site
Screenshot of signup stages for Hookpad

3. Next, click the Sign In link in the top right corner.

4. Follow the prompts to set up your free account.

Once you've signed up you're able to log in and save your songs...

5. Head on over to Hooktheory.com and sign in.

6. Then go back to the Hookpad app page and reload it. Check for an icon in the top right corner to make sure you're logged in.

Screenshot stages of sign-in at Hooktheory and Hookpad

Get to Know Hookpad a Little First

Screenshot of the Hookpad interface

Check out the Hookpad interface and scan through the online Hookpad user guide to learn more about what you can do with Hookpad and how to use it.

Once you get the basics down it's time to have some fun and write some music.

Dig In and Write Some Music!

First things first. Pick a key for your song...

Screenshot of picking a key for your song in Hookpad

Next, set the tempo you want for your song...

Screenshot of picking a tempo in Hookpad

Now, click on the chord staff. Here you can add the various chords in the key you're working in by clicking 1-7 on your keyboard and you can change your chord duration by using the h, j, k and l keys.

You can click and drag the little area right above the chord staff to activate and set your loop area.

Use either the play button or hit the space bar to start and stop playback.

Screenshots of chord staff on Hookpad

Once you have your initial chord progression going you may want to jazz things up a bit or try different inversions for some of the chords you're using.

This is quite easy as you simply need to highlight the chord you want to change by clicking on it and then use the Chord Properties section to the right to change the chord.

Screenshot of the Chord Properties section in Hookpad

Time to Move On to Your Melody

Once you're happy with your chord progression you may want to try your hand at a melody line.

This process is made so much easier with the Guides feature.  Once you click it you'll notice that all the stable notes for each chord in your progression are highlighted.  Now, it's not an absolute rule that you must always use stable notes,  but you'll find that these notes tend to "work" due to being consonant as part of the chord.

Screenshot of Guides button and Melody staff in Hookpad

Bring in the Band!

Happy with your chords and melody? Good.  Now you get to hear it played back in different styles or with different virtual instruments.

Simply click the Band icon and you'll access the Band section.  Here you can choose from different templates or construct your own band and orchestrate your song.

Now, while these aren't the most epic sounds, it's great to be able to hear what your song would sound like in various different styles of music at the click of a button.

In the full version of Hookpad you can also export MIDI in this section straight into your DAW for further sound design and development.

Screenshots of Band button and Band section in Hookpad

Remember to Save, Often!

Make sure your work is safe and sound by saving your project in the File menu at the top of Hookpad.  Glitches, hangs and crashes can happen online and it's no fun to lose your work. So, save and save often!

More Advanced Features

Now that you've been introduced to the basics of how to write music online with Hookpad, we'll take a quick look at some of the more advanced features included with this powerful app.

So, by now you already know that Hookpad allows you to write chord progressions and melodies and switch your compositions to different styles in an instant.

What you may not know about yet are the powerful built-in features that makes the whole process even easier and faster. Listed below are a few of these...

So Many Ways to Find the Perfect Next Chord, Progression or Melody for Your Song

With Hookpad you're never stuck for ideas...

  • You can use the Chord Palettes feature to find chords that work well in a particular key.
  • You can also tap into the collective musical mind by using the Hookpad AI that gives you the most used chords in real music, rated by popularity.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned tools you can get off to a flying start with Hookpad's searchable library of over 25,000 chord progressions and melodies from hit songs. Just copy and paste the song into Hookpad and you're off to the races!

Ready to Export?

With the full version of Hookpad you can export your music in various formats. So, whether you need a score, lead sheet or tabs, it's all yours with the click of a button.

The full version also allows you to export MIDI files of the entire song or individual instrument parts, so you can drag it into your favorite DAW to develop it further.

How to Write Music Online - Conclusion:

You wanted to know how to write music online and now you know one powerful way to get it done!

We've just scratched the surface of what you can do with Hookpad.  The best way to find out for yourself is, as you can imagine, to sign up for a free account so you can save your songs and start to play with Hookpad straight away.

So, head on over to Hookpad right now to get started.

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