Syntorial, the Ultimate Way to Learn Synth Programming and Sound Design, Has Just Gone 2.0 - Here's a Sneak Preview of What's New in Syntorial 2.0...

Syntorial 2.0 Screenshot

It's here...

... yes, Syntorial 2 arrives on June 22, 2023 and it's looking fabulous.

Now, if you've been following for a while, you'll know I 'm a huge proponent of producers learning how to program their own synth patches. Why?

Two main reasons...

  1. Presets are available to others.
  2. Programming your own synths allows you to develop a signature sound.

Look, there's nothing wrong with using presets, especially when you've just started producing.

You will however, at some point, find that learning at least the basics of synthesis and sound design will massively improve your ability and confidence in the studio.

This is when you'll have no faster, effective or easier way to develop your skills than with Syntorial.

On this page we take a quick look at some of the best new features of Syntorial 2.0.

You can check out this video should you prefer to watch instead of read:

New Syntorial Interface

The New, Modern Interface:

Synth programming is all about sound.

So, Syntorial not having a slick interface matters very little in terms of your ability to learn the skills you need.

That said, Syntorial has been around for 10 years now and the look and feel may have put some people off or detracted from just how good the app actually is.

So, while I never minded the interface being a bit old-school, I much prefer the new interface.

For one, I'm a fan of dark mode in apps and Syntorial now comes like that by default.

Secondly, it makes it much easier to recommend Syntorial because, let's face it, we humans are creatures of perception and it looks real good now.

Not much more to say here, apart from Kudos to Joe and team for a job well done!

Syntorial New Videos

The Updated Video Demonstrations

Each and every demonstration video has been re-recorded.

You'll also find the videos much faster-paced.

All this contributes to a much smoother, personable and interactive experience which makes the learning process more effective and engaging.

Syntorial Visualizer

The Visualizer

Synthesis is about sound...

Sure. That said however, most modern soft-synths have a visual component included.

Seeing what you're doing when you change parameters or play back your patches can be really insightful and helpful at various times during the process.

The ADSR/EQ real-time Visualizer is an excellent addition to Syntorial.

Keep it hidden if you want. Having it there is a great bonus in my books.

syntorial parameters

The Scoring and Parameter Updates

Sometimes it was difficult...

Some settings on the parameters were so close to each other that it made it very challenging to distinguish one from the other.

The scoring also used to be binary. Either you had it perfectly right (green) or you had it wrong (red).

Joe and team have now taken user feedback about this on board.

So, with Syntorial 2.0 you'll find that some parameters have been recalibrated to make it a bit easier to know whether you have it dialled in right or not.

In addition to this you also now have an orange rating included. So instead of being 100% right (green) or 100% wrong (red), you may now be close enough (orange). This means you won't be penalized and get to move forward with the learning process.

Both these updates makes for a much better experience.

syntorial randomizer

The Randomizer

As if it wasn't enough already...

Look, with Syntorial, you'll go through 127 challenges and 197 lessons. You'll learn to master 64 different synth parameters and program over 700 different synth patches.

Now, meet the Randomizer...

This brand new feature will generate and infinite number of random patches for you to recreate.

So, even once you've done all the lessons and challenges, you can always come back to practice your skills and improve your listening with even more new challenges.

Other Mention-Worthy Updates

The little question-mark icon button gives you hints, before you submit your patch for rating. Any setting you have wrong will show as red. So, if stuck you can now get an indication of where you're at.

Conclusion: Syntorial 2.0

It's a no-brainer...

You may be starting to realize how important synthesis and sound design are in your journey as a music producer, or you may just want to lessen your reliance on synth presets.

Either way, there's no easier, effective and more enjoyable way to hone your synth programming skills than Syntorial.

This recent update to Syntorial 2.0 has just set it so far ahead of any other method or course that it's not even up for debate.

Syntorial 2.0 will be introduced at a discount for 2 weeks from June 22, 2023.

Get Syntorial here.

Happy synthing!

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