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6 No-Brainer Black Friday Audio Plugin Deals for Music Producers & Beatmakers in 2020

Discover a small, curated selection of some of the best Black Friday audio plugin deals for 2020 below right now!

Black Friday Hero Image

It's That Time of the Year Again and These Black Friday Audio Plugin Deals Take the Cake:

We all love new toys in the studio and Black Friday is without any doubt one of the best times to stock up on new audio plugins and software.

It can however be hard to decide which deals to go for with so many plugins being offered with heavy discounts.

Below you'll discover my top picks for 2020.

Let the games begin!

Phase Plant + Toolbox PROFESSIONAL

$198.95 - 43% Off

Phase Plant + Toolbox PROFESSIONAL Image

You may already be familiar with Kilohearts and possibly you've even been eyeing the forward-thinking sound design focused plugins they've introduced to the market.  In that case you'll immediately know how good a deal this is.

If not...

... prepare to be mindblasted!

OK, so first,  Phase Plant. Killer Synth. I mean game changingly goodness here and I don't like to do hype.

Let's start at the beginning...

... 4 types of sound generators. Analog, Wavetable, Sample and Noise. Add as many of these as you like.

Next, you get to route 'em, group 'em, hide 'em or use 'em to modulate as you please.

Then, you can send each group to the sound effects chain or, wait for this...

... use the group as a modulator to FM the living shizzles out of any other generator.

Confused yet?  Don't worry.  You'll soon grab and grok this workflow voodoo and when you do, well,  it's just magical.

Arrrrrrgh! After this you get to send it through your chosen combo of snapins. In short Super Synth into Extremely Excellent Effects. I'm sorry if this sounds complex. The truth is it's as complex or simple as you want it to be.  The fact of the matter is that you'll need to try it to know why I'm having difficulty describing it here. I'm going to have to make a video about this soon. ;-)

In the meantime you should just grab this while it's available for 43% off.

Valid: 20 November - December 10, 2020

FilterFreak by Soundtoys

$39 - 73% Off

FilterFreak Screenshot

FilterFreak, as you probably already know by now, is one of the most-loved filter plugins available.  That's why it's included in the list of top 3 filter plugins I recommend for producers and beatmakers.

So, when it's available for $110 off the normal list price,  it may well be the best time to get you hands on this little beast of a filter plugin.

It's not the only Soundtoys plugin that's heavily discounted at the moment,  there are a few others you may want to consider grabbing while you can. That said,  if I didn't own FilterFreak it would be the one Soundtoys plugin I'd grab straight away without sparing a second thought.

You can get it here right now.

Valid: 17 November - December 3, 2020

Ozone 9 Standard

$99 - 60% Off

Ozone 9 Standard Screenshot

I know, and you know, that it's easier and probably better to send your track off for mastering rather than doing it yourself.  At least sometimes.

That said, if you want to do your own mastering job,  be it to save some cash or just because you simply want to, then few tools come close to Ozone from iZotope to get it done and done well.

So, when you get the chance to grab Ozone Standard for $150 less than the normal list price, its time to grab it with both hands.

Ozone 9 Standard gives you everything you need to get your track done and dusted and when it's less than 100 bucks it's an excellent time to add it to your studio toolkit.

OK, so Ozone 9 Advanced is available too for $250 off the normal price,  and that's a steal too but Ozone Standard is more than enough to get the job done.

You can get it here right now.

Valid: 17 November - December 8, 2020

Sonnox Inflator V3

$39 - 75% Off

Sonnox Inflator Screenshot

OK, so Inflator, like most Sonnox plugins, may look a bit Windows 95-ish. You however soon forget about that little niggle when you hear just how good they sound.

Inflator is one of those secret sauce plugins some producers know about and right now you've been inducted into the informed few who do.

Whack it on anything and hear what I mean.  Start with your vocals. I really mean anything though.

It's hard to describe what it does but sounding louder is definitely one of them.  Presence, warmth, sure. That too.

You just have to try it.  You'll hear immediately what it's all about.

Right now,  instead of $156 you can get it for $39. It's a no-brainer. Just do it.

Valid: 29 October - December 3, 2020


$74,74 - 50% Off

Syntorial Screenshot

OK, so technically Syntorial comes with a synth plugin.  That's not however the main point of this software.

Syntorial is the best, most fun and easiest way to learn synthesis or synth programming.

So, if you're wanting to escape your reliance on patches and presets programmed by others and learn how to design your own synth sounds from scratch then Syntorial is the way to go.

You can grab Syntorial for half the usual price for only 3 days, starting on Black Friday.  Make sure you don't miss out on this window of opportunity while it's available.

No coupon required, just head on over to the Syntorial site during the sale and grab your copy at 50% off.

Valid: 27 November - November 30, 2020


$3/£3 for 3 months + Free Bass Master Plugin

Loopcloud Screenshot

You can get yourself 3 months of Loopcloud for $3 or £3, depending on where you're located, until December 3rd.

The offer includes the following:

  • 3 Month Artist Plan Subscription for £3 / $3
  • Free Loopmasters Bass Master Plugin
  • 1 GB Loopcloud Sample Pack
  • Access to 4 Million Sounds
  • Best DAW Integration
  • 100 Points to Spend on Sounds
  • Loopcloud DRUM and PLAY Plugins
  • 8 Loop Editors to Stretch Out Ideas
  • Full Effects Rack for Sound Processing

Head on over to this page right now to make sure you get this deal straight away.

Valid: Until December 7,  2020

Black Friday Audio Plugin Deals - Conclusion

The yearly onslaught of Black Friday audio plugin details has begun. I hope this curated list of 6 of the better deals makes your life easier.

Remember,  while new toys can inspire you and Black Friday is always an excellent time to stock up, the main thing to focus on is always the improvement of your music production skills.

So, grab some of these deals while you can but get back in the studio as soon as possible because the more you produce the better you and your music gets.

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