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Create Your Own Musician Press Kit...

You want to have all your information presented in your musician press kit in a way which makes it easy for editors to use. 

You'll create your Musician Press Kit when you start to market and promote your music through the press and other channels. (Call it sharing if you don't like marketing!)

You can't expect the press to just write about you.  You want a strategy to get a buzz going in the press and YOU need to provide editors with information in a format they can use.

Musician Press Kit Image of Newspaper

Well-written, crisp,  descriptive and without errors.

You know by now that the Internet will form a large part your marketing efforts so you want all your materials ready for both the offline and online campaigns you decide to run.

What you need...

Your Offline Musician Press Kit -

1) Your Folder - Make it crisp and distinctive,  not over-the-top and flashy.

2) Your Cover Letter - Letter to the specific recipient your are sending the promo pack to.

3) Your Bio - 3/4 of a page to 1 page long. Introduction, Description of Project, Artist/Band Background Description, Objectives.

4) Your Fact Sheet: Keep to less than a page. List style.

5) Your Photograph: Usually standard size black & white image will work fine.

6) Your Best Press Clippings: 3 pages of reviews, articles and interviews.

7) Your Promo CD: 3 of your best tracks most like your main genre.  Include an insert with the details of the tracks.

You want to be sure to include your contact info on every piece of your offline musician press kit because items may get separated and you don't want to be lost in the mix.

Your Online Electronic Press Kit -

An EPK is basically just a web page or web site which contains your info and details for use by the press. You can send Radio Stations, Promoters, Clubs, Managers, Labels and Content Publishers to your EPK so they have all your details in one place.

You'll find you can save a lot of postage and effort by using an Electronic Press Kit for musicians.  You'll also discover that most industry professionals now expect an EPK rather than a traditional press kit.

Which information will you include in your EPK?

You may find it helpful to take a look at EPK's created by SonicBids (Musician's EPK Provider) members to decide which information you'll include in your own kit.

Most Sonicbids EPK's include...

- A Bio
- Instrumentation Information
- Discography
- Genre
- Secondary Genre
- Location
- Contact Info
- Links to Your Web Site
- Audio
- Video
- Images
- Press "Clippings" and Quotes
- A Set List

You may wonder why you'd want to use a service such as Sonicbids when you can include all the above information on your own web site.  You wonder right!

You can and should have all the information above on your own web site.

What makes a service like Sonic Bids worth your while then? Sonic Bids say...

"We offer a community of more than 10,000 people who book and license music and more, all looking for just the right act.

We also offer exclusive online submissions to many of our gigs."

So,  unless you wish to tap in to that particular community your money is best spent on other ways of getting attention and traffic to your own web site.

Your main goal should you choose to use a service such as Sonicbids (and others such as ReverbNation) must always be to tap into the user base they provide and channel them to your own web site which lays at the center of your online music marketing system.

Services such as SonicBids will do the job when you don't have your own web site.  You should however create your own web site should you not have one as this shows the press you are serious about your business and career.

So,  there you have the lowdown on musician press kits,  now...

... create your own!

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