The War of Art: Resistance and
the Music Producer...

Steven Pressfield shows in his book "The War of Art" that Resistance is the greatest enemy of any creative person.  The worst thing about this particular fiend is that it won't stop until you're dead...

Got your attention? ;-)

This isn't me being over-dramatic. It's really a case of life and death.  There is a force that wants to stop you from doing the work you love, the important work, your music and art. The work that will make you feel alive.

That force is what Mr. Pressfield calls Resistance...

What is Resistance?

"Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance."
- Steven Pressfield

Resistance is the inner voice that stops you from doing what you really want to do. It can use anything as an excuse. Sex, hunger, e-mails, frustration, boredom, worry and self-defeating inner-talk, all to get you to not do the important things you need to do to achieve what you want.

"Resistance is fear."
- Steven Pressfield

It's there every day when you wake up, when you get the impulse to create, when you sit down in front of your empty DAW session.  Like your shadow it follows you around, ready to trick you into complacency or even apathy at any moment. It's always easier to scroll through Twitter and Facebook feeds or watch some TV. That's where Resistance is the master seducer. It will get you, unless you're vigilant and a bit forceful...

So, how do you overcome Resistance?...

The War of Art is a war against Resistance. A war against irrational fears.

Steven Pressfield suggests that the way to overcome Resistance is to go pro.

Amateurs stop when setbacks occur, when the going gets rougher than they expected.  Pros sit down and do the work, every day, all day.

The answer is therefore to cut through the B.S. with the realization that it's B.S. and simply sit down and work every day. Consistent and persistent work is the sun that clears away the fog of Resistance. Don't wait for inspiration. Don't wait for everything else to be sorted.  Don't wait for the perfect moment to create, which never arrives.

Instead, meet your muse half-way.  Show up and start your work. Sooner or later the muse will come to meet you.  You'll be blessed with a state of Flow and sleep tight because of the satisfaction of work well-done.

To go pro is a decision you make. It's a choice to overcome Resistance in whatever shape it appears. It's to ignore the lizard brain and it's irrational fears. You go pro when do the work in spite of how you feel.  You don't wait to feel like you want to work on a new track or complete a current project. 

You just get on with it...

The secret here is that Resistance is based on your fears.  Fears that tend not be based on any real potential threats. Fear in the face of present danger is valid. Fear when there isn't anything to fear is a waste of time and energy.

You can see that the only way to deal with this irrational fear is to see it for what it is, unsubstantial B.S., and work on in spite of the distractions Resistance throws your way.

Your real fear should be that you never produce the music that only you can produce. We depend on you! So...

Take action...

1. Grab a copy of "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield. It's short. Read it 3 times.

2. Watch this video where the author talks about Resistance...

3. Decide to overcome this insidious foe at every moment from now on and let nothing interfere with your work and contribution to the culture. It's simple. It won't always however be easy. Just cut through the B.S. and do the work. The War of Art is yours to win!

P.S. Resistance wanted me to grab a snack before I published this page.  I said no and had my snack afterwards. May you have the same resolve!

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