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What's this?

You probably found this page via my Twitter profile and may be thinking of following my tweets.

Or,  you may just have been curious to see what else I'm up to apart from tweeting.

I'm glad you're here and I'm going to try and earn your follow by telling you a bit about why I tweet.

Who is @mariusvandyk and what does he tweet for?

My name is Marius van Dyk and I make music, web sites and good friends along the way.  My mission with this web site is to empower independent musicians and producers.  I tweet for the same reason.

I tweet to contribute, collaborate and connect with like-minded musicians, producers and music business folks.

I tweet about articles I find helpful for independent musicians and producers and often discuss topics related to the music-business-life.

I also link to articles I write for musicians and producers on this web site. My main focus is how to use the web and social networks to empower yourself as an independent musician and/or producer.  I also tweet about other related subjects such as songwriting, music promotion and web business to mention a few.

That said,  I'm also into having fun so my tweets occasionally drift into other territories apart from the music and business side of life.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

So, I hope you'll follow me on Twitter should you be interested in music-business-life related strategies, tips, tricks and tools.

If I haven't earned your follow I'll sulk for a few days,  after which I will be fine again and accept that life goes on. ;-)

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