Quick Sonar Music Software Overview...

Sonar music software started life as the Cakewalk MIDI sequencer back in the days when Cakewalk was a product made by a company called Twelve Tone Systems.

Fast-forward to now...

Cakewalk sequencer morphed into Sonar and Twelve Tone Systems transformed into the company called Cakewalk.  Got it?

No worries,  I just needed an introduction for this page! So, let's crack on then shall we?

You'll find below the 20% you need to know about Cakewalk Sonar before you decide to invest your hard-earned lettuce on a DAW for your home studio.

Sonar Music Software - Renegade 20% Quick Facts...

Sonar allows you to record, edit, play back, mix and arrange Audio and Midi data,  standard features you'd expect from most modern DAW packages.

Sonar also comes with variety of virtual instruments and effects and can act as host for many 3rd-party software synths, software samplers, and other virtual instruments and plug-ins.

You can export your Sonar mixes to Sony Wave-64, AIF, CAF, FLAC, SD2, WAV, QuickTime, MP3 and WMA formats which means you have the industry standard formats covered.

Sonar uses non-intrusive copy-protection which does not require a dongle or other physical protection device as is the case for instance with Steinberg Cubase.  This means you don't have to sacrifice your precious USB port just to be able to use the software. Free the USB, man!

Cakewalk Sonar supports plug-ins created using VST and DXi standards and is compatible with ReWire.

Sonar works with PC and can work with Mac though you'll need to load it up through Bootcamp to run properly with Apple.

In conclusion...

Sonar offers you a quality alternative to Cubase for the PC and provides you with all the tools you need to make music on your computer.  It may not be as common as Cubase or Logic though it's still a highly capable DAW.

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