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Discover a simple way to build a solid music web presence and increase your music income with "Music Success in 9 Weeks".

Summary: "Music Success in 9 Weeks" gives you a 9 week plan you can use to create or improve your band or music web presence. Title: "Music Success In 9 Weeks"
Author: Ariel Hyatt
Cost: $39 (+ postage costs for hard copy)
Formats: PDF download or Physical Copy.

"Why do I need good music Web presence?"

The Web gives musicians and producers the unprecedented ability to distribute, market, promote and sell your work to a worldwide audience,  without the need for big spending.  I assume you already know this by now.

A good web presence helps you connect to a huge potential global audience, 24 hours a day. A good web presence also creates a credible image, it shows you're professional.

Musicians and producers with a good web presence in most cases will have more opportunities, offers and deals on the table than those who lack a good music web presence.

"So, what's a "good" web presence and how do I get it?"

Many musicians get lost in the muck on this question.  This may be why they settle for a Facebook page, and hope for the best.

The Web offers musicians so many options that it can easily take all your time just to look at what's available. Choices leading to more choices leading to sheer discombobulation!

Time to step back, take a deep breath and administer a strong dose of Sturgeon's Law and the Pareto Principle. ;-)

You see,  of all the strategies, techniques, tools and services available to create a solid music web presence, about 80% to 90% will be of little to no use to you. Call it "Web Presence Muck".

Your mission is to figure out the 10% to 20% essential strategies, techniques, tools and services you must have, learn these first, and then apply them well. Call it the "Web Presence Foundation".

"So how do I know what's important to do for my music career and what's not?"

This is where the book I reviewed for you below will give you a head start because it provides what I believe to be the basic Web presence you cannot be without as a musician. You'll discover inside "Music Success In Nine Weeks" the 20% you need to know to get the foundation of your music Web presence right.

Music Success In Nine Weeks: A quick look...

You'll find Music Success in Nine Weeks (from now on MSINW) contains about 100 content pages filled with strategies, tips and advice for independent music artists who want to create a strong music web presence and greater income.

You'll learn what you need to know for success with your artist web presence and online income. For example...

  • How to set your goals.
  • How to construct your perfect pitch.
  • How to create a good artist web site.
  • How to navigate the social media maze including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Youtube.
  • How to use widgets for more exposure.
  • How to start podcasting for the benefit of your career and business.
  • How to blog for more traffic and connection with your tribe.
  • How to grow your mailing list and communicate with your tribe via your newsletter.
  • How to create income from your web presence with a continuum plan.
  • How to do a traditional PR campaign.

You'll also receive a resource list with 20 critical Web 2.0 sites for independent music artists and a "New" Music business dictionary.

My quick take on MSINW and who it's best for...

The Web plays a crucial role in your music-business-life.  A comprehensive knowledge of the web and what it can do for you is,  next to the quality of your music,  your biggest music-business-life asset.

MSINW is great for those who are new to internet marketing AND for artists who already have a music web presence going and want to improve.

I've read many books, e-books, articles and guides over the years about web strategy and online business for independent music artists.  None contained such a simple-to-follow and clear general web strategy for musicians.

If you are an expert on internet marketing or have a strong music web presence you may already know many of the services and strategies mentioned. I still believe you'll find value in MSINW.  It's a reference you can come back to again and again in future.

One small point of irritation for me though is that 30 of the 179 total pages are left blank for you to take notes.  I think this could have been left out however this is only a small personal niggle.

That said, the quality of the information is great...

Ariel's 13+ years of music business experience shines through for you to take in on the pages of MSINW.

The strategies she shares with you are practical and will result in greater exposure and income when you implement them for your own music web presence.

"What if the strategies in MSINW don't help me build a strong music Web presence?"

The strategies you'll find in MSINW will work as long as you apply the knowledge you've learned by using your own brains and motivation.

Will you achieve success in 9 weeks? You won't achieve global domination from reading and applying one book, that you know by now!

Set realistic goals and MSINW will help you achieve them as long as you are prepared to do the work involved.  It's not rocket science, just plain old grafting.

Remember: You have a money-back guarantee which allows you to ask for a refund within 365 days if you don't think it helps move you closer to your music web strategy goals.

Final verdict? MSINW contains a well-structured plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be using the tools offered to you by the Web.  I suggest you read through it and then adapt it to your music business.

You have nothing to lose because of the money-back guarantee and a whole lot to gain from the music promotion experience and knowledge you'll find in MSINW.  Click here to buy yourself a copy now.

Here's Ariel with an introduction to Music Success in Nine Weeks...

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