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Electronic Music Producers or Beatmakers? Sponsorship = Exclusive and Unique Advertising Value offers custom-designed targeted music production advertising options that reach your customers while they are looking for information and resources to help improve their music production skills and businesses.

Exclusive sponsorship offers companies and services an unique opportunity to increase business in your sector of the music production industry.

Reach Enthusiastic Music Producers Who Want to Improve Their Setup and Skills

Offline advertising in print publications requires that potential customers take more steps to connect to your product or service.  They need to actually go online and search for your company or service after they see your ad, if they rember to do so once they finish reading the magazine.

The exposure is also fleeting unless you pay for placement in every new issue.

A great website with a solid readership can reach more of your customers 24/7/52 and, most importantly, does so while they are searching for ways to improve their music productions, studios and businesses.  It takes repeated, positive exposure by a trusted authority who has the same passion to get the results you want from your advertising spend.

Why advertise with attracts enthusiastic, passionate music producers who are willing to do what it takes to improve their ability to produce great music.  This is the type of commitment that isn't seasonal as producers need to learn, upgrade and improve year-round.

You can see from this graph by Google that "music production" is researched by potential visitors right through the year...

You can search Google insights (click the graph above) for terms related to your business and you'll see this pattern. Reaches Music Producers Who Actively Look for Ways to Improve

The nature of the content on means it reaches producers who want to improve their craft and who want to be successful.  It does this when they search for information.

These producers are the visitors you want. With sponsorship you reach these producers exclusively which gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors not included in the program. This is because only one sponsor is allowed for each music production category of the site.

As a Passion-Project Will Remain Focused on the Needs of Music Producers was started in 2008 by Marius van Dyk as a way to help other music producers, engineers and artists improve.  It is a project born out of an obsession and passion for music production and is therefore not a "commercial" site.  This focus sets the site apart from more commercial music production sites. This will not change.

The amount of sponsorship opportunities available is limited. seeks only 2 quality sponsors per category. Sponsors must want to create a win-win-win partnership that benefits themselves, and the music producers who visit and follow the site.

Limited sponsorship may mean less opportunities for in the short term but in the long run it builds respect among music producers who use the site as a resource.  This site exists, first and foremost, for music producers and will continue to do so.

Rates and Opportunities for Sponsorship accepts no more than 2 sponsors for each respective area of focus on the site.  These categories currently include:

  • Music Production Studios
  • Music Production Techniques
  • Music Production Software
  • Music Mastering
  • Music Distribution
  • Music Marketing and Promotion will only partner with companies which offer exceptional, valuable,  high quality products and services for music producers. will not partner with a company or service unless it results in an excellent experience for visitors.

Sponsorship includes a sitewide 250px square sponsor "ad" on each page which links to dedicated review page of the sponsor's business.

Get in touch today.  Together we can create a partnership that will...

  • Brand your business with multiple daily exposures to an interested audience

         -and also-

  • Market your product to your potential customer with direct-response

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