Are you looking for quality music loops and
samples for your productions?

My recommended resource for music loops and samples is Loopmasters.com.  I suggest you check them out. You're bound to find what you need on their site.

I like the company as you can probably tell by now. In fact, I like Loopmasters so much that I've decided to affiliate with them and add the website to the recommended resources here on RenegadeProducer.com. More on this below.

First, here are some facts about Loopmasters in case you're interested...

Loopmasters is a sample label/boutique which offers high quality sample packs for sale and download online. The packs you can get on the site are produced by some of the best sample labels, producers and instrumentalists from around the world.

Producers include...

... Coldcut, Deadmau5, Mad Professor, Steve Lawler, Meat Katie, John 00 Fleming, Timo Maas and Todd Terry to name a few.

Sample labels include...

Akai Professional, EarthMoments, Wave Alchemy, Zenhiser, Producer Loops, Prime Loops, Discovery Sound, Puremagnetik, Sonic Academy, Push Button Bang, Puremagnetik, Mutekki Media, Monster Sounds, Industrial Strength Records, Global Underground, Equipped Music, AMG GOLD, DrumDrops and Booty Farm among others.

Now, here's why I buy a lot of my music loops and sample packs at Loopmasters...

1. Top quality products: You can probably tell from the caliber of the listed producers and labels above you are dealing with a best-of-breed company. I own just over 5.7 gigs of Loopmasters packs and the quality is excellent.

2. Great selection: You'll discover most genres of electronic dance music are covered and also you'll also find great Rock, Metal, Jazz, Soul and Latin music loops and sample packs.

3. Most formats covered: The packs include standard .WAV files and usually come with presets for the most used samplers such as Kontakt, Battery, Stylus RMX, Halion and EXS included. Appleloops, Ableton Live packs and REX2 formats are also supported with many of the packs.

4. Easy to purchase: They accept most credit cards and PayPal and the registration and payment process flows without any hiccups.

5. Easy to download: You get access to a dashboard in your own account area where you can download your purchased packs.  The process is simple and you get 5 downloads per purchase so that if you run into issues you have more than enough to restart the process. There are also clear links to report any download issues. I haven't needed to use these.

6. Value for money: Yes, some of the packs are pricey.  Do you really want them cheap though? Cheap means more producers buy the packs which means your sounds will be less exclusive. Cheap can also mean bad. Bad cannot be made great in the mix. So, paying more can pay off.

7. Easy to use: You download the zipped files, unzip and get the files well sorted and labeled in folders with descriptive names and info such as tempo and pitch included in the file names.

Disclaimer: I have chosen to affiliate with Loopmasters because I feel the music producers and musicians who visit RenegadeProducer.com every day can benefit from this resource.

The above means RenegadeProducer.com receives a small commission when you purchase after going through the links to Loopmasters on this website.  The cost to you is the same and the commissions keep RenegadeProducer.com up and running.

Please use the Loopmasters.com links on this page should you enjoy the free information on this website and plan to purchase music loops or samples. Thank you for your kind support!

Here's our link...

Visit Loopmasters for Music Loops and Samples

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