Quick Logic Music Software Overview

Apple Logic music software was first produced in 1993 as Notator Logic by a company called eMagic. Apple purchased the eMagic company in 2002 and Logic has since become an Apple product.

Let's take a quick look at the 20% you need to know about Logic before you decide to buy music production software for your studio.  This isn't a choice made lightly as you'll spend a lot of time using your chosen DAW.  So, choose with care!

Logic Music Software - Renegade 20% Quick Facts...

You can use Logic to record, arrange, edit, play back and mix Audio and Midi in a track-based interface.  You'll find these features pretty much standard with the big name sequencer packages available on the market today.

Logic can also act as a host program for your software synthesizers, software samplers, effects, virtual instruments and other plug-ins.

Logic supports TDM and AudioSuite plug-ins with DAE/TDM hardware and also Audio Units plug-ins.  You can also open Apple Garageband sessions directly in Logic should you have the need.

The program is fully compatible with Rewire.

You can bounce your audio or final mixes down to most industry standard formats which include: AIFF, WAV, Broadcast Wave, CAF, SDII, MP3 and M4A.

You cannot use Logic music software on PC as it's designed for use on Apple Macs.

Logic has dedicated following among Mac users,  with the only real competition, at least in the electronic music production arena, coming from Cubase. The choice is really a matter preference as both sequencers can pretty much handle the music production tasks thrown at them by professional producers.

In closing...

Logic mostly runs stable and has all the tools you need to make your own music on your Mac and do so at industry standard level.  You may prefer to use Cubase though it will not be because Logic lacks features as this music production program is one of the best available.

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