Internet Marketing for Musicians:
Observe the Cobweb Spider...

I compare internet marketing for musicians and producers to a spider spinning a web to catch prey.  OK, so it's a bit grotesque, but stick with me...

The Cobweb Spider spins a web to catch bugs.  It doesn't chase after food which means it expends less energy and effort to stay well fed.  Smart little creature!

When insects get stuck in the web the spider hurries over and injects each insect with a paralyzing venom which turns the insect's insides into liquid the spider can consume.  The spider then also wraps the insect in silk to make sure it doesn't get away.

OK, so much for the biology lessons...

Your web strategy as a music producer or musician should mimic the way of the spider: You spin your web of content to catch the attention of potential supporters.

You monitor your web for activity and use the venom of your charm to soften the hearts and minds of potential supporters so they trust and respect you.

You then spin more content around them until they decide to support you at which point you have food on the table.

The more quality content strands you spin the more attention you potentially catch.  The quality is important because mediocre content is plentiful.  Attention isn't.  So make sure you get it and keep it with great, consistent, high-quality content for your tribe.

Remember: No content web = No attention = No dinner!

Now as you can imagine,  you don't just go out on the Web and start blasting it with content in a Facebook and Twitter frenzy. A spider uses a strategy. It chooses a suitable location, uses a good design and creates a strong structure to make the web effective.

You too need a strategy when you approach the web. Your strategy will include the various areas of business and marketing activity you need to focus on to create your most wanted music-business-life outcomes.

You can leave the spider analogy there for a moment and first take a look at some of the key ideas you need to know to spin your web well.

Internet marketing for musicians and producers isn't rocket surgery, and there's a lot you can do yourself without having to pay marketing companies or PR services.

It's easy to lose the plot however so careful and smart planning will make all the difference when it comes to your web music marketing.

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