Musicians need a website

by Chris

Thanks for mentioning HostBaby in your article, Marius.

We talk to artists all the time about the differences between a self-hosted site vs. a social profile like Facebook. In fact, I just wrote this article.

It's important to build a home on the web so you can send social media traffic to it. Otherwise you have no ownership of your fan base -- the social media site controls the interactions -- not you.

Chris B
Build a band or musician website

Marius writes: No worries, Chris! Thank you for sharing the article. Those are all valid points indeed.

I'm always surprised when I hear professional artists have only social media profiles and don't own a website.

It gets to me knowing that these other platforms such as FB build all the equity and rake in the advertising dollars while artists who create the attractive content get a limited profile which they don't own.

Facebook is a great source of traffic to your own website as you say. That is when you set things up right and use it in a way beneficial to your own business. Artists and producers shouldn't avoid FB as it's a massive part of the web for now.

The main goal should however always be to build your own bandwagon, and own it too. Lead the attention back to where it matters, your own website.

I think services such as Hostbaby make it a lot easier to create and run a website, a process which can become quite a labyrinth with conventional web hosts. Musicians and producers aren't always web geeks so an easy to use interface designed for artists makes life a lot easier.

Thank you again for sharing the article. Keep up the great work!

All the best,

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A Website speaks professionalism to the industry
by: Graham Way

I'm a music biz teacher and artist career coach, and I recently moderated a workshop locally on Internet marketing that was geared specifically for music artists. I was dismayed (but not surprised) at how many in attendance didn't have their own site. It's kind of shocking how many artists don't understand why it's important, and I mention a bit about this issue in the blog I posted on my blogsite following that workshop.

One reason to have one that isn't often mentioned is that a website shows professionalism to the industry. As another blogger I read a while back pointed out, industry people expect artists who take themselves seriously to have their own site. It separates them from the countless musicians, singers and bands out there who don’t and who rely on social networking sites and music community platforms, as well as Web-based email services like hotmail and gmail.

Artists who are serious about wanting to sell their music, grow their fan base and attract the interest of industry need to own their own piece of real estate on the Web. Period. I applaud you folks for making the case.


by: Chris B

You hit the nail on the head. :)

Thanks for posting!

Chris B

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