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"Traditional" music distribution companies tend to work only with record labels, not with new unsigned artists.

You'll find, as an unsigned independent artist, thanks to the Internet, you can now make your music available to your fans without a traditional distribution deal.

You'll discover different types of companies on the web who offer digital music distribution services and others which allow you to sell physical products.

I suggest the two services below which I think you can use and trust to do the job of effective music distribution when you start out as an independent music artist.

For digital distribution only (no CD) I suggest you sell your music on iTunes and Google Music with TuneCore...

Tunecore will, for a reasonable price get your tracks into the big online music marketplaces such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon MP3, MusicNet, eMusic, Sony Connect and Groupie Tunes.

For physical CD and digital distribution I suggest CD Baby...

You can send CD Baby your CDs and they will provide storage, take orders for your CD on their web site, process payments, handle packaging and ship your CD to your fans.

CD Baby can also provide digital music distribution similar to the service provided by TuneCore, which makes your music available in online music marketplaces.

You'll use TuneCore if you handle your CD sales by mail-order or should you choose to release in download format only.

You may not be up for the mail-order side of selling a CD in which case a service such as CD Baby will prove effective as a way to handle your physical sales.

You want to make sure once your tracks are available for sale to the public to promote your music at every opportunity you get.

Let people know your music is available for sale, and be sure to mention where they can purchase albums or tracks.

Always remember...

Music distribution companies and CD distributors make your music available for purchase, you have to make sure purchases are made with your promotion and marketing.

Drop me a line should you know of any other good music distribution services or companies I can recommend to independent music artists and producers like you.

All the best,
Marius van Dyk

P.S. Check out They absolutely run the show!

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